Friday, September 30, 2011

Modest 21st Century Work Attire


This is a post today that features the Real me.....this is me on my 1st day back to work....part time of course.  Even thought I am still wearing the lovely "Boot" I am determined to dress, pretty, feminine, and modest.  My first day back I wore a long purple Maxi dress from Target I got on clearance for 15 dollars.  I paired it was a casual white cotton blend zip up jacket and pretty yellow and white chiffon scarf.  This style dress looks great on everyone!

Today I wore this...

I have on a long wool black skirt that I got at a garage sale in 2001. I can finally fit into it again after losing 10 lbs this summer!! I paired it with a JCP Worthington Career Shirt with French cuffs in a color they call...Wild me it's Lime...I also am wearing a thick large patent leather belt, 2 inch black pumps, and simple gold earrings. I also have on this fabulous multi-strand pearl necklace that I have had since the 80's.

Here is a link to the JCP Shirt...currently 19.99 online....

I had to flash this up with my vintage gloves and Liz Claiborne purse I got for a STEAL at the JCP sale this week. 

I just love me some white gloves!

Have a Fabulous weekend!


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  1. I love this look! So classy and vintage, yet modern.